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Tooth enamel is a calcified material that is thin and sturdy and one of the toughest materials in your body. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking tooth enamel is indestructible and they may discover the resulting problems when it’s too late. You may not realize that certain foods, drinks, and poor dental habits can lead to erosion of healthy tooth enamel.

Our saliva is the more alkaline base, which helps maintain a healthy pH balance in our mouth. When we consume foods that are highly acidic, such as vinegar, fruit juice, soft drinks, and salad dressings, among other acidic products, we throw off the healthy pH balance with an abundance of acid and this is what can lead to erosion of healthy tooth enamel.

The importance of good dental hygiene in Petersburg, TN

Maintaining your teeth isn’t only about looking good. Poor dental hygiene can lead to problems that are much bigger than an unpleasant smile. Tooth decay and gum disease can affect other parts of your body, including your heart.
Some studies suggest that the bacteria in gum disease can travel to your heart and cause heart disease, clogged arteries, or stroke. Gum infections, such as periodontitis, have been linked to premature births and low-birth-weight in pregnant women. Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection, making the gums more susceptible to infection, which can adversely affect blood sugar. And painful mouth sores, are common in people who have HIV.

Practicing good dental hygiene is so important because it can prevent these types of oral disease and dental problems. And prevention should be the primary focus.

Full Dentures & Partial Dentures in Petersburg, TN

We know that accidents can happen with removable dentures. They can be dropped, stepped on, or left in reach of the family dog. Normal wear can also weaken dentures over time. Our team is pleased to offer Full, Partial, Emergency &  same-day denture repairs in Voorhees. We have a denture lab right in our dental office. That allows us to make simple repairs and denture relines while you wait. We’ll even repair dentures that were designed by other dentists.

Even if you just need professional cleaning of your denture before you wear it again, we’re happy to help.
Don’t let missing teeth damage your quality of life – call us today at (855) 916-4215 to learn more about our extensive denture options.

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